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The Canndustrial team is comprehensive like the real estate commerce parks we develop. Our seasoned professionals represent the cannabis industry from the inside-out and is aligned with the industries top solution providers. We identified a void in the commercial cannabis parks and decided to create a solution… We are Canndustrial!

The GREEN Building Standard of the Industrial Cannabis Revolution

Family History

The Saccullo family has decades of combined experience and history in the cannabis industry. David and Shannon Saccullo the founders have sacrificed it all from individual freedom and even the loss of family members in the fight for legalization. The company was cultivating in Humboldt and Mendocino Counties long before medical cannabis was approved in 1996 in the state of California. Their vision and knowledge of studies that have been conducted has driven their determination to fight through all of the bureaucratic red tape, abusive, ignorant and uneducated community pundits. They have been in the fight for the true fact that cannabis has positive attributes that can help millions of individuals suffering from numerous medical conditions and others for a recreational choice. The goal of the Saccullo family is to commercially professionalize this amazing plant and industry, leaving a legacy for future generations to come.

Canndustrial is The Industrial Cannabis Movement.

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Our Team

Below are some of the staple team professionals we are so very fortunate and proud to be aligned with. The team has many more professionals on-board and constantly growing our vision into reality!

David Saccullo


David Saccullo has been successfully working as a land developer for 35 years with specialties in land acquisitions, entitlements, design and complete vertical buildout ready for a turn key product. His strengths have always included going beyond the normal pale of a standard vertical build out. He has been a pioneer in the cannabis movement and has engaged the industry for the past 37 years. His vast knowledge and expertise in the cannabis movement and industry are exceptional. David and his wife Shannon have a passion for cannabis and its use as a natural medical alternative and an adult recreational choice. Using cannabis for a better life speaks volumes of why they are and will continue to be a great success story in the cannabis industry. Canndustrial is his master plan vision from developed from working within all facets of the cannabis and real estate development industries for decades. This project was developed with compassion and care, spanning far beyond the imagination of and/or responsibility of any other industrial cannabis park.

Shannon Saccullo


Shannon Saccullo has been passionate about Cannabis as a Medical alternative. This mostly started about 15 years ago when her and David opened their first dispensary. Shannon was able to first hand see the amazing results it made in people’s lives with such conditions as multiple sclerosis, Cancer treatment pain relief, retired war veterans with P.T.S.D. and multiple medical conditions. She has witnessed the results of cannabis and CBD on friends and family. It has become her passion to help the movement in this world of opioid overdose to offer a natural alternative as Cannabis and CBD do. Shannon continues to educate herself and in doing so, she could not be more proud and more excited in bringing to life these unique commercial Cannabis parks.

Andrew C. Dennis

Giga Crete - Vertical Building Structure.

Andrew Dennis is an acclaimed architectural and industrial designer with more than 38 years of experience designing hotel, casino, restaurant and commercial projects. Andrew first started the development of what became the GigaCrete technology suite by creating a challenging set of design and engineering problems: to construct a thoroughly Green, non-toxic and fire and Hurricane resistant Caribbean retirement home with entirely containerize-able components (panels and finishes) that could be shipped and then erected by unskilled labor in a matter of days. The panel components had to be light weight and still have structural integrity great enough to withstand hurricane-force winds. The home also had to be truly ‘green,’ with a high percentage of recycled content and low embodied energy. Gigacrete is the foundational building material of the Canndustrial projects, which are the creating GREEN standard of the industrial cannabis revolution.

Rimah Nazzal

Key Engineering

Rimah Nazzal is a licensed Structural and Civil Engineer with over 25 years of structural engineering experience. He is experienced in a variety of roles including designer, structural design engineer, senior engineering manager, supervising engineer, principal, and Engineer of Record (EOR). Currently he is Project Principal at Kordt Engineering Group. Rimah has managed and designed a large variety of projects, such as hotels, commercial buildings, shopping centers, convention centers, airports, industrial buildings, custom homes, track homes, water treatment plants, water reservoirs, pump stations, etc., gaining vast experience in all building materials along with a practical knowledge of the International Code Council – International Building Code (IBC), American Society of Civil Engineers – Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures (ASCE 7), American Concrete Institute – Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI 318), and American Institute of Steel Construction – Steel Construction Manual.

James Taylor, P.E.

Engineering Services

James Taylor, P.E., is a Senior Fire Protection Engineer with eleven years experience. James has provided fire protection engineering services to many different domestic and international markets. Most notable, living in Macau China for three years and commissioning fire protection and life safety systems for some of the largest casino projects in the world. James has relocated to Nevada with Jensen Hughes and continues to support the hospitality industry in the U.S. With the legalization of recreational cannabis use in the Western U.S., James has shifted his focus to providing engineering services to the emerging cannabis market. James has an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech, a Master’s degree in Fire Protection Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and is currently pursuing an MBA from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas. James has professional engineering licenses in Nevada, California, and Utah.

Robert P. Finnegan, P.E.

FEA Consulting Engineers

Mr. Finnegan has more than 40 years’ experience providing engineering services for hotel/casino resorts in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as for many prominent projects throughout the United States, Asia and the Caribbean. Many of his designs have become the standard in the hospitality industry. He is actively involved in the conceptual stage of projects, energy analysis life cycle costing, supervision of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling, and code interpretation issues. He is also involved as the responsible charge of FEA’s Team Engineering approach. Mr. Finnegan is a graduate of the mechanical engineering program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Steve Anderson

Steelman Partner

A graduate of Phoenix Institute of Technology, Steve Anderson has over 38 years of experience in Interior Design with Atlandia Design as Project Designer on many Golden Nugget and Mirage Resort projects. He has been a Senior Project Designer at Steelman Partner of DSAA Interiors from 2010 to 2018 before becoming President of Steelman Partners Noteworthy projects that Steve has headed the design teams for include: all of the Galaxy Entertainment projects in Macau, China; Eyecandy Lounge and Bar in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas;sveral Harrah;s properties including Las Vegas, Mississippim Phoenix, and Atlantic City; MGM Grand Centerfuge Bar, and the Theme Park, Las Vegas.

Canndustrial is The Industrial Cannabis Movement.

Join the Movement!

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